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Welcome to Royale Spicy Dosa

Sema asi  Sema ருusi

About Us

We’re excited to announce the opening of Royale Spicy Dosa Restaurant for our lovely customers. Walk into Royale Spicy Dosa, an authentic restaurant and feel the mesmerizing aroma, glowing colours and earthy flavours of Indian spices take over your senses. 


With a focus on hygiene and premium tasty food, Royale Spicy Dosa offers super delicious and exquisite authentic Multi-cuisine to all food lovers. 

Our delectable menu covers South Indian, North Indian, Sri Lankan and Indo Chinese cuisines; you’ll find your favourite traditional dishes, as well as aromatic starters and main courses.


Come and visit the Royale Spicy Dosa, we guarantee that you will fall in love with exquisite dining and leave satisfied with our quality service.


Start eating better

Daily New Delectable Foods

Royale Spicy Dosa help you to treat yourself with different meal everyday, thanks to our awesome creative chefs.


Quality is the heart

Fresh Ingredient, Tasty Meals

Who said healthy food can't also be delicious? Royale Spicy Dosa creative chefs use fresh and seasonal ingredients to make affordable.


Hot & ready to serve

Creative & Talented Chefs

Royale Spicy Dosa have offered experienced and talented chefs that make delectable dishes at memorable events for all private and clientele.



Looking for the perfect place to entertain friends or celebrate a special occasion ?


catering (1).png


Whatever your occasion, our private catering service will take care of it.


take-away (1).png


Our quick takeaway service is just a call away!


table (1).png


we will prepare your table prior to your arrival.


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